Manage your Facebook account and get you 50 Likes in two weeks

Manage your Facebook account and get you 50 Likes in two weeks

Here is how I am going to get individuals and/or businesses to “like” your page. I will not use any bot programs; the chances of you seeing any profits from bot followers will be tremendously slim. I need to have full control of your account, but any content will be approved by you before I post anything. I believe in strong communication and perfection of the job!

I will search for real accounts in your niche and like their page. I will join groups (related to you personally, your niche and your product) and participate heavily in them.

As far as content on your timeline, it will be a mixture of entertaining, informative and promotional (8/10 posts will be entertaining/informative and 2/10 will be promotional). The content will be a mixture of text, pictures and videos, in order for the page to stay fresh and entertaining.

A Fanpage is successful, if it takes care of their customers. I have a tremendous customer service and sales background, so I guarantee you that for your page!

About me:

I am a huge sports fan, particularly the NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA Tour. I am big into food and beverages. I am online quite often, and I have social media accounts for most of the major platforms. I watch a lot of TV. I have a sales background in sporting goods, furniture and electronics.

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